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Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:15 am

*clears throat*


Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:29 pm's the shiznit.

Fri May 27, 2005 12:40 am

Nice bg Gdawg

Wed Apr 27, 2005 7:35 pm

Its an awesome wall that I wish I could use on my computer (if i didn't the coolest interactive one ever). A blog is the next best thing to show off your great work.

Wed Apr 27, 2005 7:18 pm

woohoo!!! sweet bg!!! thanks for showing off my work




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Newberg Night

Sun Dec 16, 2007 5:53 pm

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I bought me one of these a few nights ago at Newberg Night.

It was cool getting to meet Rangers prospects, Chris Davis, Blake Beaven, Doug Mathis, Johnny Whittleman, and German Duran. Also there was a fun Q & A that night with those players. Even though the Rangers lack the winning and tradition you want in a baseball franchise (or any sports franchise), they have some of the most dedicated fans out there. You know that these guys really love the team because there is no one jumping on any bandwagon for this team.

Posted By: Gdawg
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Haven't Touched This Thing In a While

Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:56 pm

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Wow, its been a while since I've been here. I've been working on something great for FPM and decided to take a break from it and somehow got here. So without further adieu, my first blog entry since I last gave a crap about the NBA:

Tony Romo is the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone. The Boyz are going to Ship and are planning different ways to demolish loudmouth Kitna and his girly cats or Lions or whatever they want to call him.

I'm still impressed by Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels. The fans here really want to see some big move go down but Daniels knows that there is really not much out there for him to do without hurting this team for the future and has decided standing pat is the best course of action. I really think next season's Rangers team will surprise a lot of people. Keep an eye on Ian Kinsler who will make that final leap in his development to become a superstar 2B while Botts and Saltalmacchia both smash the ball. Blalock will start being healthy and be the player he was in his first 2 years in the league while Cat and Young do what they do best, hit .300 with a good OBP. I'm also pulling for the Byrd man to prove his doubters wrong. And if David Murphy can do something decent, I'll be able to laugh at Red Sox fans even more so for trading him for Gagne. Also, the Rangers rotation will surprise with actual talent in it this year with Groundball Gabbard, mini-Pedro Volquez, and the Jolly Green Giant McCarthy. Go BlueGloveLefty (CJ Wilson).

Oh yeah, Mavs need to stop sucking.

Posted By: Gdawg
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Suns vs. Mavs: Which team is ready for the Championships

Sat Jul 30, 2005 2:41 am

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The Suns took the Mavs out of the playoffs in the second round of last season. Many reasons why that happened, but its a new season and these 2 teams could look to see each other again in the playoffs. Only 1 team can win, and only 1 team can win it all. Which team is truly ready for the championships and ready to take the other of the 2 teams out.

Since Avery took over, Mavs scored 103 and 1/6 of a point per game. They held opponents to just 92 and 5/18 of a point per game. Lets look at the Suns scoring this season, 110.41 points for them, and 103.29 points against them. So basically the average team will score 103 points against them while the Mavs hold opponents to only 92 points on average. Since right now, there is no team that great at defense and great on offense, so we can just throw that scenario out the window. There are more balanced teams, but none that will score 100+ and hold opponents to under 90 (Spurs are closest but only score 96 a game). Now lets look at the good offense scenario. This team scores 100 points against the average team. But what happens when facing the worst possible defense in the league. Since the average points per game for a team is around 95 points and the Suns is 103, you will likely see an 8 point increase at least in that team. So now the Suns will lose 110-111 in those games if the team has an average defense at least (around 97 ppg given up is average in the league). Take a good defense and a good offense and the Suns lose 105-111. The Suns could end up being very similar to the Nationals of this season only in the opposite way. Their offense (hitting) can be great, but their defense (pitching) is horrible. The Nats have great pitching and horrible hitting. So it is very possible that the Suns could be outscored and still end up with a winning record for a while due to the poor defensive teams and the horrible offensive teams that they will face. How long would the Suns be able to keep their luck going for them if that was the case. Would they be able to win at least 50 games again, knowing that many of those could be games decided by no more than 3 points? Better have that horseshoe ready.

So take a look at the matchup between the Suns and Mavs right now on paper. The 2 teams from last year show why the Mavs would absolutely kill the Suns. Now that didn't happen of course even though it is shown on paper why it should be. The main reason, not enough games were played by the Mavs under Avery to prove it. But then again, Avery was a rookie coach who just became an assistent coach last season. So wouldn't more experience only improve what he had. That is what we will find out, so now lets dig into the potential part of both teams. The main differences in the 2 teams that can have an affect, well lets take a look:
The Suns ditched Q and Nate Robinson who was just drafted for Kurt Thomas. Kurt Thomas came to Pheonix with the expectations of being that defensive presence they need (similar to what the Mavs were doing for years under Don Nelson). Another possible huge loss, Joe Johnson. The best defensive player from last years team is likely to go to Atlanta where he was offered a max contract. Not only that, but he was going to be the starting SG for sure now that Q is in NY. That leaves them with a 35 year old Jim Jackson and an average guy in Raja Bell. Bell is playing with former Mav Steve Nash once again, but Bell also played horrible when playing with Steve Nash. He played good in Utah when he was practically the only guy there to score with the entire Jazz team being hurt all season. So now the Suns can look forward to getting those 3-4 fouls in 25 minutes they will get from Bell, his defense better be great if he is going to make up for all of his shortcomings. In an attempt to make room for a max contract for Joe Johnson (which I see unlikely), they traded away Voskuhl taking away even more depth from that team. They also are most likely going to let Stephen Hunter, their best backup center to Amare and big man that fits the bill of big man, be signed by another team (coincidentally, the Mavs have shown interest in him). And another huge difference in the team, the one that could end up being the biggest problem for them this season, Nash is yet another year older. Last year, he showed a lot of wear and tear and had to sit out a few games. He is now 31, slightly past his prime, and he might no longer be able to take those lay-ups where he ends up on the ground to draw the foul. His turnovers have also been increasing these past few years with age after being the lowest in his career when playing most of the season.

Though the Mavs have had some problems as well. Finley looks to be gone with the new CBA policy where the Mavs can dump his contract from there luxury tax which allows them more flexibility in the future. Bradley retired, wait, thats a marvelous thing, scratch that one. Alen Henderson though looks to go to jail for up to 15 years after being arrested carrying a gun in an airport, though the verdict may not be done for a good few months allowing him to play the majority of the season. Other than that, not much has happened. Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels will be getting more playing time as they are more experienced and better, they will most likely have the SG spot vacated by Finley. Van Horn may move to the starting lineup more regularly. Stackhouse, hopefully fully healthy again, will continue to be the 6th man. This is basically the same team from last year with the exception of Finley who was hurt for about 20 games last season and played hurt and at less than 100% in many games last season. Another great thing is that Avery Johnson now has post-season experience and regular season experience as head coach. The man that had a 16-2 record with the Mavs as head coach in the regular season looks to continue that by stressing defense, especially in our young trio of Daniels, Harris, and Howard. Plus a certain Dirk Nowitzki is still only 27 and has yet to hit his prime. How much will he improve in his second season as the lone leader, his first without Finley. His defense really stepped up last season as well as his offense. He constantly creates mismatches with his 7 ft frame that can make a 3 as good as any guard or small forward, yet he can match up with the best of the big men and dunk the ball with authority when needed.

The new style of play that Head Coach Avery Johnson is using is based around a great defense. Something different from previous seasons under Don Nelson. This concept has also been winning championships as you can see with the Spurs, Pistons, and Lakers (Shaq is all the defense any team needs). He is truly the Little General that can inspire our team to play better. The Suns were favorites heading into the playoffs to make it to the finals. They had the best regular season record, scored more points than any other team, and hell, they were pretty fun to watch. Sound familiar Dallas fan? They lost a lot of that team this season with Q, JJ, and most likely at least half of their bench. But they did bring in Raja Bell and Kurt Thomas to help that defense. Sound familiar again Dallas fans? They have a few defensive players, what could be a top 3 offense in the league again, and Steve Nash will help lead the way for them. Sound familiar once more Dallas fans? Same story, same problems, same fixes, and most likely same results. They do have a good look to the future with Amare there, but every team wants to win a championship now, and the Suns are not by far a team ready for the Championship. The Mavs are finally ready. A great offense is still there with Dirk leading the way. A great young trio to add a spark when needed. A good defense which as mentioned, held teams to only 92 points in the 18 games under Avery Johnson in the regular season. Some great depth with guys like Van Horn, Stackhouse, and Daniels on the bench as well Devin Harris coming off the bench in what is now going to be his sophomore year. A coach who has been able to find the most creative ways to beat teams, is an inspirational speaker to the team, can relate to the team since he played in the league only 2 years ago and was legendary, and he has one of the most important things any NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB etc. player or coach could want. Experience. This looks to me like a championship caliber team. Lets see what happens this time around between the Suns and the Mavs.

Posted By: Gdawg
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going to the movies

Tue May 24, 2005 2:49 am

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I'm going to be seeing Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. I hope it won't suck.

Posted By: Gdawg
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Mavs Vs Suns series preview

Sun May 08, 2005 11:20 pm

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These are the keys to the series. I won't give my opinion since mine is probably well known already. Lets see if this makes any difference to how you feel on it.

The Suns and the Mavs both are very familiar with the run and gun style of offense. Though the Mavs have recently abandoned having that as their main type of offense mainly when they didn't resign Steve Nash. With Nash in Pheonix, now the Suns use that exact same style of offense. They use "Small Ball" mainly because they don't have a true starting center but have two power fowards instead.
As for the Mavs, they went out and got Dampier during the off season and he has been great at points throughout the regular season especially defensive-wise. He can still score though. With Terry now playing point guard for the Mavericks, they have a much more defensive type of point guard, but one that can still score 20 points a game as can be seen with his performance in Round 1.
A major part of these teams is the defense or lack of. Since Avery Johnson has taken over the head coaching job, he has stressed defense more than anything else. Devin Harris, Marquis Daniels, Josh Howard, and Jerry Stackhouse have played major roles in this new defense. It is a much more aggressive style of defense as well. Assuming the Mavs will try and take the momentum from Round 1 with them, also assume that the Mavs have the ability to shut down a team's offense. They allowed McGrady and Yao to make their shots in Game 7, but the trick was to shut down each other player on the team knowing that those 2 will get tired eventually. On the other hand, Pheonix has abandoned any thought of defense. As can be seen in Round 1, they allowed the Memphis Grizzlies average 102 points a game against them, over a 10 point increase from their regular season average. Taking that into consideration, a great offense with the Mavs who averaged 102 PPG in the regular season should be able to score AT LEAST 112.
A major issue from Round 1 though is the amount of time to rest. The Suns have been well rested since May 1. The Mavs on the other hand have only rested since May 7. They go in on 2 days rest rather than 8 days. But exactly how good is that rest. The Mavs ended the series at home so there isn't any traveling or anything back home to take a day out of that rest. Its also not exactly a strange thing to have to play every other day since that is what goes on throughout the regular season and thanks to a blow out win against Houston in Game 7, there wasn't a need to play 150% that game. So it ends up being momentum with a possibility of exhaustion or complete rest but no real momentum going into Game 1.
But the biggest key to this series is the bench. The Mavericks have a very deep bench with a few players who could easily start on half the teams in the league at least. Plus Keith Van Horn should be able to play again after the first few games most likely. The Mavs have depth in their bench that can get them back into games. No matter what some people might say, having a few guys that come in and score some points on a team that is based 100% on offense is not having a good bench. It is the same like saying that Steve Nash being able to get double digit assists with 4 players who are all completely 1-sided for shooting is an absolutely amazing feat. The Rockets weren't able to keep up with that and that is what ended up causing them the series. Other T-Mac and Yao, the rest of their players couldn't last in a 7 game series.

So when watching the Suns-Mavs series, keep in mind a few things.
1. Its a SEVEN game series, not 1 or 2 games.
2. Almost the entire Mavericks team has played a few years with the key to the Suns offense
3. 20-6. Thats Avery Johnson's record since taking over as head coach of the Dallas Mavericks including the 1st round vs. Houston.

Posted By: Gdawg
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Rockets lose in Game 7 Blow Out, Next Stop Pheonix, Arizona

Sun May 08, 2005 2:44 pm

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Well after 2 tough losses and 4 extremely close games, the Mavs managed to completely blow out the Houston Rockets in Game 7. Next stop Pheonix, where Dirk will face his best friend Steven "MVP" Nash. The trick to this series is if Jason "JET" Terry, Michael "The Best Michael" Finley, Jerry "6th Man" Stackhouse, Erick "Eh" Dampier, and our young trio of Devin Harris, Josh Howard, and Marquis Daniels can keep up what they have done in that Game 7 and the entire 1st round. Finley and Terry have been sinking those 3s and have the defensive abilities to slow down Steve Nash and Quentin Richardson/Joe Johnson. Howard and Daniels will need to keep up that defense that they bring to the team to help whenever possible. Dampier I believe can match up with Amare and at least keep him from being dominant in the middle.
Dirk is the real key though, if he can play great than the Mavericks are unstoppable. He can match up with Marion and Amare any day of the week. Since in terms of our bench, the Mavericks are much more dominant so our starting 5 will need to simply wear out the Suns starting 5. If we are able to do that, than we can see another repeat of the Rockets series where the Rockets were definitely exhausted by the end of that series.

Posted By: Gdawg
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What they could of had

Thu Apr 28, 2005 10:09 pm

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The Rangers have gotten a few nice free agent pickups and minor caliber players through trades the last few seasons. But lets look at what these players are doing and the people currently playing that spot on their former teams.

David Delluci- Played for the Yankees a few game, but for the most part was a Diamondback throughout his career including that world series roster. Well so far this season, Delluci is batting .298 with a .660 slugging average. He has 4 home runs with 11 RBIs and that is from batting near the bottom of the lineup. His 2:1 BB/K ratio is great. His 2 SB are a nice little add on. What does Arizona have now to fill in for his spot? Jose Cruz or Shawn Green would probably lose their spot to him. Neither of them have a better batting average, nor do they get on base nearly as much.

Rod Barajas-Yep, another former Diamondback. He once was playing once every few games at best, now he is the starting catcher for the Rangers. In his first semi-whole season last year as a starter (108 GP) he got 3 more home runs than he did prior in his entire career. He is hitting .296, with two home runs and 7 RBIs (again from normally the end of the order) and he has 26 total bases before today's game (he got a double in today's game as well). What do the D-Backs have now? They have Koyie Hill who has a .200 average in 30 AB; he has 2 RBIs and 7 total bases with no home runs and one double.

Gary Matthews Jr.-Not an everyday starter, but he is a great pinch hitter, pinch runner, and occasional spot starter to give others a day off. This season he 16 hits for 66 at bats, with a double, triple, and 4 RBIs. He also has a SB and is normally a good pinch runner when needed. This guy has played on many teams, but the team that probably should of stuck onto him the most is either the Cubs or the Pirates. Both teams have two major weak spots in the outfield with Redding and Hollandsworth.

Pedro Astacio-Lets see if he can keep up his hot start after a bad loss. He has a 3.71 ERA and has 17 Ks to only 4 BB. The Rangers got him from the Red Sox during the offseason after he was out with an injury. Lets see, he played for the Rockies, Mets, and Red Sox. They all have glaring holes in their rotation and could use someone relatively solid in their lineup. Especially now with Wells and Schilling out for the Sox, he could of had value for them.

There have been some other players in other team's minor league system. But I wouldn't give any credit to any other teams because it was probably the Rangers that developed them into good hitters and had they stayed on their original teams, they probably would not of turned out the way they did.

Well lets hear some comments on my first little article in my blog.

Posted By: Gdawg
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Give me some ideas

Wed Apr 27, 2005 8:24 pm

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Any idea what I should write in this thing?

Posted By: Gdawg
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Fantasy Teams

Mon Apr 25, 2005 11:27 pm

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Hey, my fantasy baseball teams that are currently in first place have been listed at the bottom right of the screen. Lets hear something about how great you think they are Very Happy

Posted By: Gdawg
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Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:41 pm

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Hey, this is my first post. I hope you guys have fun listening to my thoughts on everything.

Posted By: Gdawg
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