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Pandora Sale Wu Ailiang My first impression is to

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Joined: 20 Aug 2010
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Location: jkftcs

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:30 am    Post subject: Pandora Sale Wu Ailiang My first impression is to Reply with quote

I bear to see her, was so beautiful, beautiful tragically moving, no one wanted to protect her, for her dedication to life and blood is normal. In this case, to see that beauty is very surprising, in general,Pandora Sale, people who commit crime will be with both beauty and ugliness of people a kind of pressure, she is, I think she guilty because she was too seductive, beautiful is a sin.

love the people lying in my ear, laughing and said: \

\Remember what you say, Do not say I did not remind you, this is a murder suspect you and important,Thomas Sabo Bracelet, close! \will boast in prison. \Her shoulders twitching non-stop, though very slight, but all I see in his eyes.


finishing her right hand a bit milky white skirt, said: \>
\have something important to you? \was choking, severe twitching shoulders up, she cried, silent, very depressed, very painful, their whole face is buried in the hair.


\very common, as you see it, his head not long corner,Pandora Jewelry, smelly feet can not discharge. \

along the way, I'm not talking, because they do not know what to say. She peeped at me from time to time, although I have not Zhengyan Kan her, but her every move in my eyes, she was sometimes quiet, sometimes anxious, sometimes depressed.

I walked side by side with her when she was hanging on my arm, I felt her shiver,Pandora Jewellery, out of thin air, I want to give birth to a desire to protect her, she is a born must Beishou care of women, it was pleasant to beauty, it was pleasant to talent, the result is the same, essentially no difference.

\What you recently because her arguing? \

\people blow blow.



\a? \

just fine I leaned over and asked when a bottle came flying across the sub, then followed a string of squalid conditions shouting!


original is a tramp, dressed in rags and the whole face and night melt together, only the eyes and light, and flicker. \run, so happened that the drifter found this pleasant, rushed to tear her, I get desperate to open him, punched and kicked meal, feeling his body like rubber, so full of dust, I was on him dust drowned, choked up and was gasping for breath, however.

do not know how to get rid of the bad guys,Pandora Bracelet, and I love good keep running, do not know why the run, do not know where to escape to, I think she and I are crazy.

are walking through the alley when we hear a piece of glass fragments crashed over the sound coming from his head, and I love good pushed and shoved to the side, she threw herself upon the whole, the wearer Huzhu She, a large piece of glass fell from the sky, naturally came out on me and broke into a lake of water beside her, she suddenly screamed.


suddenly a car behind a stimulant like to play as from the corner feeling glad rushed out, Zhizhuang to us, I hugged her and rolled about a roadside ditch, car soon as shock deafness collision sound, hit a roadside tree stumps,Thomas Sabo Onlineshop, and instantly take up blue smoke, I just want to get up and went forward to see what happens, you see a black man from the car down a knife in his hand , straight from love good. I turned around and ran to the love of good, love good stumbled to escape, I caught up with her, and her run. Feet and not way, my running shoes have been lost, full of feet is bloodstained, it is so wide across the road, through stretches of woods, densely drilled the thorn bush, turned over a barbed wire fence, and finally I found I have a lot of people behind her in the chase, not clear like, stiff, not feelings.

Finally, I and she ran into a building behind the man disappeared in an instant if I plumped sat on the floor, called the Secretary's call for help: \kill us, we 。。。。。。\

love good sitting on the floor breathing loudly, eyeful of the grievances and fears, and tears like streams, like pouring.

\! \innocent people who really do not no one want to kill you right? \

she suddenly pushed me, and later tossed away, I just want to grab her,Pandora Bracele, she had folded into a door behind him. I exclaim with

into the door, she was afraid of what Road.

results I see light in the room, she lay on the ground, eyes closed tightly.

I took her to the pink sofa, her naked legs filled the wound and sludge.


She pulled me weakly and said: \

how we came up here, just a curious coincidence!

I opened the bedroom door of the South, of course, is unlatched, the BoA has not, of course, she should now be lying in the mortuary's freezers, the naked, cold, without any temperature, there is no point expression. My scalp suddenly stood up, exclaimed: \I was so tired,Thomas Sabo Armband, I'm so bitter, I do not want in hiding, and I want to rest, to sleep, look like the next. \

she really asleep, eyelashes playful shake a few times, tears children like pearls set in lashes of the edge,Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale, there she was such a beautiful, fall in love with this beautiful in the end who should be punished?

I finally took a deep breath, gave up the idea wake her, put my coat to her.

I returned to the BoA's room, depressed to the extreme, was a close legendary day, or just a dream, really bad dream! BoA

a large photo of the wall, in fact I have not seen her, but the photograph of a woman I know I know, but forgot all about her all. She's laughing on the wall frivolous, as if only one person with my boundless mockery, for my ego and lofty. Her piece of that color silk skirt caught my suspicion, with delicate flowers scattered sleeves and trim.

breeze for a while this time, ding ding song murmuring in the ring such as Ecstasy, like blowing my ears, it wants me awake, but my hands to block ears and refused to do so. Suddenly I turned and saw a bunch of kids in this room should be hanging in the purple owl wind chimes are hung in the window without feeling BoA stimulate me.

\Dress like a very confusing way inside, like a waterfall all fall down, wrapped my head, I could not breathe for a time, terribly sad, I told myself to calm side, while a piece out of these clothes. I finally broke free from out side of the smile, this pile of gorgeous silk almost to my life. I kept a deep breath, and all seemed comfortable with a lot. I stood up and carefully check that the evil spirits from possessed wardrobe,Christian Louboutin, and no special, it did get that done after I responded to normal, I like feeling angry all the clothes heap, like to re-plug back Yangdu water closet , and then kick a few feet, then hands rested on top of wardrobe do nothing to see, above a row of neatly placed in the jewelry box, as I have 12 as much as several feet, I turn to open these boxes, which are women's jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, chains, earring, earrings, gold, silver, crystal, Russia Zijin, and platinum, I could see blindsided, they oppress each piece of jewelry following colored paper article was written the same words: \appears to be a very romantic, very careful and considerate husband, so it seems that he should not contract killings 才对. I whilst considering the jewelry box back gracefully, suddenly I realized what it? How they think there's ring? Not a ring, no ring? Only one wedding ring, a symbol of the uniqueness of love? Will no longer send ring is understandable, then BoA's wedding ring went wrong? I look back at the big picture askew on the wall, BoA's fingers, wearing a purple diamond-studded ring, it seems valuable.


are struggling, confused thinking,Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes, when suddenly came a very flustered downstairs sirens sound, I went to the window, his head looked to the outside probe, appears to look like a car accident, several police cars in the middle of the road cross, police car lights kept shining cross. Suddenly I saw the captain standing in middle of the road traffic police call, he was constantly spitting onto the ground, and feet free to remove. Then he suddenly no signs looked up toward me, and soon he found me, shouting at me: \how the? \br>
I turned around to run out, because the love of good sleep on the sofa is also likely to be a guy hostage.

it was too late, this guy is good with his elbow pressing love, a light knife Wang concluded his neck in love good, love good already awake, looking pale, not a word hair looked at me. Her eyes told me that only I can save her.


\You do want to do, surrender it, and the traffic police captain I have a friendship can help you talk about. \no more patience when suddenly, caught the guy's arm, his head suddenly a knock, knock that guy's nose was broken, a good flow of love, I took the opportunity to rush snatched the knife in his hand, into his chest, a good quality feel to my hands, it is a fascinating pleasure out of my knife stabbed again, and then, down to cut open, so the guy's intestines pouring out of the irresistible , surrounded me.

love good scared, terrified despair exclaimed: \all my anger, anxiety, fear, will fall into the vent to the hapless body that commit crimes on!

last love good with her head suddenly, screaming: \\, playing the best jade. that no one in the ward care, health care workers were not allowed to come in, families are in trouble and would not come in, the results were rolling to the ground their own No one was found suffocated to death. The man put his father's body carried to the government, stopped in the yard, is crying, another innocence, was also to remain silent and health magistrate ordered the hospital properly, resulting in good jade were suspended, license suspended six months, the abolition of the right prescription, and a fine 50000, the hospital out of 150,000, to pay off. \surgery used to prepare the children? \

\but I did not fully understand it.

good on the love to come help me, I suddenly exclaimed: \obviously shaken, back the answer.

\Come on! You see! \Diamond is not her hand that one! \You Do not force me! \

I noticed that she not go further because she is the floor behind the balcony,Thomas Sabo Ohrringe, I have not had time flapping in the past grabbed her, she slipped and fell down the whole person.

I only took her a piece of clothing or jewelry, clothing heart in my hand and slowly thickening into a milky white from the color, from the silk into cotton, I suddenly remembered love good When the police is to wear white clothes, how suddenly become color silk out?

when I despair, tears into a river when the bundle of cooling off cool white bell sounded again, obviously, this tone as if to lead me to a place where I do not want to go, I think of death Then wanted to up the knife, but that is not found, not in the scum of the people, and I remember that was inserted in his stomach, how disappear?

on at this time, I was asked: \holding a bunch of purple bells, one hand holding the knife. Is a blood-stained knife,Thomas Sabo Schmuck, I use it to cut through the scum.

his knife slowly stretched me and said: \Zhang Jiayu's son. \trapped me? you do not believe, the issue is clearly put in front of you, but you is not see how I am going to tell you, my mother having an affair with a man, was I found I crept in to the kitchen to find a Hong fruit knife, go directly rushed to her mother's bedroom, and I want to kill the man, but his mother saw, she pushed the guy, for him to suffer me the knife, I killed my mother, but Yuanshui it? Who told her I was ashamed, I see no one! but I was still anxious,Pandora, is that a bad man smashed an ink stone, it became what it is today, \their white gauze wrapped around his head.

\, how can we not know it, that person horrible 。。。。。。\move a little,Christian Louboutin Shoes, given a voice.

\My whole body felt cold, hard heart spasm up.
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