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We have complete (ok, well close to it) fantasy football stats from 1960 to present. Each fantasy football player page has stats and graphs, both by year and by career. Each player page also has integrated news, so you can stay up-to-date.

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Waddell, Michael CB
Waddle, Tom WR
Waddy, Billy WR
Wade, Billy QB
Wade, Bobby WR
Wade, Charlie WR
Wade, Tommy QB
Wade, Jonathan CB
Wadsworth, Andre LB
Waerig, John TE
Wages, Harmon RB
Wainright, Frank WR
Wakefield, Fred TE
Walden, Willie TE
Walden, Erik LB
Walden, Erik OLB
Walik, Billy WR
Walker, Aaron TE
Walker, Adam RB
Walker, Byron WR
Walker, Clarence RB
Walker, Corey RB
Walker, Derrick TE
Walker, Doak RB
Walker, Dwight WR
Walker, Herschel RB
Walker, Javon WR
Walker, Rick TE
Walker, Wayne WR
Walker, Wesley WR
Walker, Willie WR
Walker, John CB/S
Walker, Frank CB/S
Walker, Darwin DT
Walker, Brian CB
Walker, Bracy CB
Walker, Denard CB
Walker, Rod DT
Walker, Gary DE
Walker, Ramon S
Walker, Gerran WR
Walker, Darius RB
Walker, Marcus CB
Walker, Derek DE
Wall, Jamar CB
Wallace, Bob WR
Wallace, Ray RB
Wallace, Taco WR
Wallace, Cooper TE
Wallace, Al DE
Wallace, Rian LB
Wallace, Butchie RB
Wallace, Taco WR
Wallace, C.J. CB/S
Wallace, C.J. CB/S
Waller, Ron RB
Walls, Herkie WR
Walls, Wesley TE
Walls, Lenny CB/S
Walls, Raymond CB/S
Walsh, Chris WR
Walsh, Steve QB
Walsh, Ward RB
Walston, Bobby WR
Walter, Andrew QB
Walter, Ken P
Walters, Troy WR
Walters, Pierre LB
Walton, John QB
Walton, Joe TE
Walton, Larry WR
Wansley, Tim CB
Ward, Derrick RB
Ward, Derrick RB
Ward, Jim QB
Ward, LaShaun WR
Ward, B.J. CB/S
Ward, TJ SS
Ware, Andre QB
Ware, Derek TE
Ware, Kevin TE
Ware, Matt CB/S
Ware, Scott CB/S
Ware, Danny RB
Ware, Danny RB
Ware, Sean LB
Warfield, Paul WR
Warfield, Eric CB/S
Warlick, Ernie TE
Warner, Curt RB
Warner, Kurt QB
Warren, Chris RB
Warren, Dewey QB
Warren, Don TE
Warren, Lamont RB
Warren, Paris WR
Warrick, Peter WR
Warrick, Peter WR
Washington, Damon RB
Washington, Dave TE
Washington, Gene WR
Washington, Gene WR
Washington, Joe RB
Washington, Joe RB
Washington, Kelley WR
Washington, Kenny RB
Washington, Patrick RB
Washington, Teddy RB
Washington, Vic RB
Washington, Walter QB
Washington, John David RB
Washington, Rashad CB/S
Washington, Fabian CB
Washington, Marcus OLB
Washington, Ted NT
Washington, Keith DE
Washington, Dewayne CB
Washington, Donnell DT
Washington, Chauncey RB
Washington, Donald CB
Waterfield, Bob QB
Waters, Bob QB
Waters, Anthony LB
Waters, Swayze K
Watkins, Larry RB
Watkins, Tom RB
Watkins, Todd WR
Watkins, Pat FS
Watkins, Jacoby CB/S
Watson, Edwin RB
Watson, Justin RB
Watson, Kenny RB
Watson, Steve WR
Watson, Gabe DT
Watson, Courtney LB
Watson, Derek RB
Watters, Ricky RB
Watts, Darius WR
Watts, Rickey WR
Watts, Darius WR
Watts, Daniel DE
Way, Charles RB
Wayne, Nate LB
Weary, Fred CB
Weatherford, Steven P
Weathers, Clarence WR
Weathers, Robert RB
Weaver, Jed TE
Weaver, Leonard RB
Weaver, Anthony DE
Webb, Ken RB
Webb, Jeff WR
Webb, Dee CB
Webster, Alex RB
Webster, Jason CB/S
Webster, Nate LB
Weeks, Marquis RB
Weems, Eric WR
Weems, Eric WR
Weese, Norris QB
Wegert, Ted RB
Weil, Russ RB
Weinke, Chris QB
Weir, Sammy WR
Welch, Claxton RB
Weldon, Casey QB
Wellman, Gary WR
Wells, Billy RB
Wells, Jonathan RB
Wells, Joel RB
Wells, Terry RB
Wells, Warren WR
Wells, Ray LB
Wells, Jonathan RB
Welsh, Jonathan DE
Wendling, John CB/S
Wendling, John CB/S
Werner, Greg TE
Wesley, Dante CB/S
Wesley, Greg FS
West, Ed TE
West, Mel RB
West, Robert WR
West, Isaac WR
West, Lyle S
West, Marcus DE
Westbrook, Brian RB
Westbrook, Don WR
Westbrook, Michael WR
Westbrook, Byron CB
Westbrook, Byron CB
Westmoreland, Eric LB
Weston, Kade DT
Wetnight, Ryan TE
Whalen, James TE
Whalen, Jim TE
Wheatley, Tyrone RB
Wheatley, Terrence CB
Wheeler, Manch QB
Wheeler, Wayne WR
Wheelwright, Ernie RB
Wheelwright, Ernie WR
Whelihan, Craig QB
Whisenhunt, Ken TE
Whitaker, Creston WR
Whitaker, Danta TE
Whitaker, Ronyell CB/S
White, Andre TE
White, Charles RB
White, Charlie RB
White, Danny QB
White, Dez WR
White, Freeman TE
White, Gene RB
White, Harvey QB
White, Jamel RB
White, Jan TE
White, Jason QB
White, John TE
White, Lee RB
White, Lorenzo RB
White, Marsh RB
White, Manuel RB
White, Paul RB
White, Sammy WR
White, Walter TE
White, Whizzer RB
White, LenDale RB
White, Manuel RB
White, Dewayne DE
White, Marcus DT
White, Jamel RB
White, Marvin S
White, Corey RB
White, Stylez DE
White, Pat QB
Whitehead, Terrence RB
Whitehead, Willie DE
Whitehurst, David QB
Whitfield, A.D. RB
Whiting, Brandon DT
Whitley, James CB
Whitted, Alvis WR
Whittington, Art RB
Whittle, Ricky RB
Wiggins, Jermaine TE
Wilburn, J.R. WR
Wilcox, Daniel TE
Wilcox, Josh TE
Wilder, James RB
Wilds, Garnell CB
Wiley, Michael RB
Wiley, Marcellus DE
Wiley, Chuck DE
Wilford, Ernest WR
Wilhelm, Eric QB
Wilhelm, Matt LB
Wilhite, Jonathan CB
Wilkins, Gary TE
Wilkins, Terrence WR
Wilkins, Jeff K
Wilkins, Marcus LB
Wilkinson, Dan DT
Wilkinson, Gerris LB
Willard, Ken RB
Willhite, Gerald RB
Williams, A.D. WR
Williams, Boo TE
Williams, Brooks TE
Williams, Byron WR
Williams, Calvin WR
Williams, Clarence RB
Williams, Clarence RB
Williams, David WR
Williams, Dave RB
Williams, Dave WR
Williams, Derwin WR
Williams, Delvin RB
Williams, Dokie WR
Williams, Doug QB
Williams, Donnie WR
Williams, Ed RB
Williams, Erwin WR
Williams, Harvey RB
Williams, Jamie TE
Williams, James WR
Williams, Jermaine RB
Williams, Jeff RB
Williams, John RB
Williams, Joe RB
Williams, Karl WR
Williams, Kevin WR
Williams, Keith WR
Williams, Lawrence WR
Williams, Mike WR
Williams, Mike RB
Williams, Mike RB
Williams, Mike WR
Williams, Moe RB
Williams, Nick RB
Williams, Perry RB
Williams, Pooh Bear RB
Williams, Ray RB
Williams, Randal TE
Williams, Reggie WR
Williams, Ricky RB
Williams, Ricky RB
Williams, Rodney WR
Williams, Roland TE
Williams, Ronnie TE
Williams, Roy E. WR
Williams, Roydell WR
Williams, Scott RB
Williams, Sherman RB
Williams, Shaud RB
Williams, Stepfret WR
Williams, Travis RB
Williams, Van RB
Williams, Vince RB
Williams, Warren RB
Williams, Wandy RB
Williams, Walter RB
Williams, Demetrius WR
Williams, Brandon WR
Williams, T.J. TE
Williams, Harry WR
Williams, Jimmy CB
Williams, Kyle DT
Williams, Shaun SS
Williams, Jamar LB
Williams, Roy L. SS
Williams, Darrent CB/S
Williams, Brian CB
Williams, Tony DT
Williams, Steve DT
Williams, Kevin DT
Williams, Tank CB/S
Williams, Gemara CB
Williams, Sam OLB
Williams, Jamal DT
Williams, Chad CB/S
Williams, Jimmy CB/S
Williams, Pat NT
Williams, Leon LB
Williams, Tyrone CB
Williams, Willie CB
Williams, Jay DE
Williams, Aeneas CB
Williams, Josh DE
Williams, Melvin DE
Williams, Andrew DE
Williams, Moe RB
Williams, Renauld LB
Williams, Lenny CB
Williams, Travis LB
Williams, Tramon CB
Williams, Ray CB
Williams, Seante DE
Williams, Roland TE
Williams, Chandler WR
Williams, Brandon CB
Williams, Tramon CB
Williams, Ricky RB
Williams, Paul WR
Williams, Jack CB
Williams, Cary CB
Williams, Brandon LB
Williams, Derrick WR
Williams, Julius DE
Williams, Javarris RB
Williams, Cary CB
Williams, Stephen WR
Williams, Dan DT
Williams, Isaiah WR
Williams, Stephen WR
Williams, Dan DT
Williams, Isaiah WR
Williams, Jeremy WR
Williams, Mike WR
Williams, Kyle WR
Williamson, Troy WR
Willingham, DeAngelo CB/S
Willis, Chester RB
Willis, Fred RB
Willis, Jason WR
Willis, Leonard WR
Willis, PeterTom QB
Willis, Jason WR
Willis, Keith TE
Willis, Patrick LB
Wilson, Ben RB
Wilson, Billy WR
Wilson, Butch TE
Wilson, Cedrick WR
Wilson, Charles WR
Wilson, Dave QB
Wilson, Eddie QB
Wilson, George QB
Wilson, George WR
Wilson, Harry RB
Wilson, Joe RB
Wilson, Marc QB
Wilson, Mike WR
Wilson, Quincy RB
Wilson, Robert RB
Wilson, Robert WR
Wilson, Sheddrick WR
Wilson, Stanley RB
Wilson, Tim RB
Wilson, Tom RB
Wilson, Wade QB
Wilson, Walter WR
Wilson, Wayne RB
Wilson, Travis WR
Wilson, George WR
Wilson, Al MLB
Wilson, Stanley CB/S
Wilson, Eugene FS
Wilson, Gibril SS
Wilson, Rod LB
Wilson, Jerry CB
Wilson, Chris DE
Wilson, Kion LB
Wilson, CJ DE
WIlson, Kyle CB
Wimbush, Derrick RB
Wimprine, Danny QB
Winans, Tydus WR
Winborn, Jamie LB
Winborne, Jamaine CB
Winder, Sammy RB
Windsor, Bob TE
Winfrey, Stan RB
Winkler, Ulrich DE
Winslow, Doug WR
Winslow, Kellen TE
Winslow, Kellen TE
Winston, Lloyd RB
Wire, Coy CB/S
Wishom, Jerron CB/S
Wistrom, Grant DE
Witcher, Al WR
Witcher, Dick WR
Witherspoon, Terry RB
Witherspoon, Brian CB
Witkowski, John QB
Witman, Jon RB
Wolfe, Garrett RB
Wolfley, Ron RB
Womack, Joe RB
Womble, Royce RB
Wong, Kailee LB
Wonsley, George RB
Wonsley, Nate RB
Wonsley, Otis RB
Wood, Dick QB
Wood, Gary QB
Wood, Mark TE
Woodall, Al QB
Woodard, Cedric DE
Woodbury, Tory QB
Wooden, Shawn CB
Woodeshick, Tom RB
Woodley, David QB
Woodruff, Tony WR
Woods, Don RB
Woods, Ickey RB
Woods, Rashaun WR
Woods, Robert WR
Woods, LeVar LB
Woods, Pierre LB
Woods, Jerome S
Woods, D'Juan WR
Woods, Donovan LB
Woods, Bear LB
Woodside, Keith RB
Woodson, Rod FS
Woodson, Darren CB
Woodson, Andre QB
Woolfolk, Butch RB
Woolfolk, Andre CB/S
Word, Barry RB
Word, Mark DE
Workman, Vince RB
Worley, Tim RB
Worrell, Cameron CB/S
Wortham, Cornelius LB
Wrighster, George TE
Wright, Alexander WR
Wright, Anthony QB
Wright, Dwight RB
Wright, Elmo WR
Wright, James TE
Wright, Jason RB
Wright, John WR
Wright, Keith WR
Wright, Randy QB
Wright, Wallace WR
Wright, Manuel DT
Wright, Rodrique DT
Wright, Kenny CB/S
Wright, Kenyatte LB
Wright, Keith DT
Wright, Dwayne RB
Wright, T.J. CB
Wright, Abraham LB
Wrightman, Tim TE
Wrobel, Brian QB
Wroten, Claude DT
Wuerffel, Danny QB
Wusu, Timi LB
Wyatt, Justin CB
Wyche, Sam QB
Wyche, James DE
Wycheck, Frank TE
Wyms, Ellis DT
Wynn, Milton WR
Wynn, Spergon QB
Wynn, Dexter CB/S
Wynn, Renaldo DE
Wynn, DeShawn RB
Wyrick, James CB

Wade, Myles DT
Wake, Cameron LB
Walker, Delanie TE
Walker, Reggie LB
Walker, Vance DT
Walker, Sean WR
Walker, Tyrunn DE
Walker, Sean WR
Wallace, Seneca QB
Wallace, Mike WR
Wallace, Roberto WR
Wallace, Rico WR
Walls, Darrin CB
Walsh, Blair K
Walter, Kevin WR
Walters, Bryan WR
Walters, Anthony CB
Ward, Hines WR
Ward, T.J. SS
Ware, DeMarcus OLB
Warren, Gerard DT
Warren, Ty DE
Warren, Donovan CB
Washington, Nate WR
Washington, Leon RB
Washington, Daryl LB
Washington, Quenton CB
Watkins, Alex LB
Watson, Benjamin TE
Watson, Dekoda LB
Watt, J.J. DE
Wayne, Reggie WR
Weatherford, Steve P
Weatherspoon, Sean LB
Weaver, Aaron WR
Webb, Lardarius CB
Webb, Joe QB
Webber, Raymond WR
Weber, Adam QB
Webster, Corey CB
Weddle, Eric S
Weeden, Brandon QB
Welker, Wes WR
Wells, Beanie RB
Wells, Austin TE
West, Chastin WR
Westerman, Jamaal LB
Whalen, Ryan WR
Whalen, Griff WR
Wheeler, Philip OLB
White, Roddy WR
White, Tracy LB
White, Blair WR
White, Chris LB
White, Johnny RB
White, Markus LB
White, Aron TE
White, Corey SS
White, Jordan WR
Whitehead, Tahir LB
Whitehurst, Charlie QB
Whiteside, Aston LB
Whiting, Darryl RB
Whitley, Eddie CB
Whitlock, C.C. CB
Whitner, Donte SS
Wide, Eddie RB
Wilber, Kyle LB
Wilburn, Gary CB
Wild, Ian CB
Wilfork, Vince NT
Wilkerson, Jimmy DE
Wilkerson, Muhammad DE
Williams, Cadillac RB
Williams, DeAngelo RB
Williams, Demorrio OLB
Williams, Madieu FS
Williams, D.J. OLB
Williams, Corey DT
Williams, Mario DE
Williams, Thomas MLB
Williams, Trae CB
Williams, Jason LB
Williams, Eddie RB
Williams, Teddy CB
Williams, Bobby WR
Williams, Damian WR
Williams, Keiland RB
Williams, Ryan RB
Williams, Ryan RB
Williams, LaQuan WR
Williams, Chavis LB
Williams, Roy WR
Williams, Marshall WR
Williams, Jacquian LB
Williams, Ian DT
Williams, Jabara LB
Williams, Aaron CB
Williams, DJ TE
Williams, Garrick LB
Williams, Greg LB
Williams, Seth CB
Williams, Darnell WR
Willie, Mike WR
Willis, Matt WR
Willy, Drew QB
Wilson, Kris TE
Wilson, Adrian SS
Wilson, Josh CB
Wilson, John Parker QB
Wilson, C.J. CB/S
Wilson, Lawrence LB
Wilson, Martez LB
Wilson, E.J. DE
Wilson, Jimmy CB
Wilson, Tracy CB
Wilson, Marc WR
Wilson, Tavon FS
Wilson, David RB
Wilson, Russell QB
Wimbley, Kamerion OLB
Windsor, Rod WR
Winfield, Antoine CB
Winn, Billy DT
Witherspoon, Will MLB
Witten, Jason TE
Woodhead, Danny RB
Woodley, LaMarr LB
Woods, Al DT
Woods, D.J. WR
Woodson, Charles CB
Woodyard, Wesley OLB
Woolfolk, Troy CB
Wootton, Corey DE
Worilds, Jason LB
Worthington, Doug DE
Wright, Mike DT
Wright, Eric CB
Wright, Rodney WR
Wright, DeAndre CB
Wright, Major CB
Wright, K.J. MLB
Wright, Shareece CB
Wright, Jarius WR
Wright, Kendall WR
Wynn, Jarius DE