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We have complete (ok, well close to it) fantasy football stats from 1960 to present. Each fantasy football player page has stats and graphs, both by year and by career. Each player page also has integrated news, so you can stay up-to-date.

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Haase, Andy WR
Hackett, D.J. WR
Hackney, Darrell QB
Haddad, Drew WR
Haddix, Michael RB
Haden, Pat QB
Hadl, John QB
Hadnot, James RB
Haffner, Mike WR
Hagans, Marques WR
Hagberg, Roger RB
Haggerty, Johnathan WR
Hagins, Isaac WR
Hagler, Tyjuan LB
Haik, Mac WR
Hairston, Justise RB
Hakim, Az-Zahir WR
Haldi, Josh QB
Haley, Dennis LB
Haley, Jermaine DT
Hall, Andy QB
Hall, Ben TE
Hall, Dante WR
Hall, Dino RB
Hall, Galen QB
Hall, Ken RB
Hall, Lamont TE
Hall, Pete WR
Hall, Richard RB
Hall, Ron TE
Hall, Scott QB
Hall, Tom WR
Hall, Joe RB
Hall, Andre RB
Hall, Tramain WR
Hall, John K
Hall, John K
Hall, Carlos DE
Hall, Travis DT
Hall, Cory S
Hall, Jason DE
Hall, Leon CB
Hall, Leon CB
Hall, Alex LB
Hall, Vince OLB
Hall, Alex OLB
Hall, D.J. WR
Hall, De'von CB/S
Hall, Max QB
Hall, Max QB
Hallock, Ty RB
Halterman, Aaron TE
Halterman, Aaron TE
Halterman, Aaron TE
Hambrick, Troy RB
Hamdan, Gibran QB
Hamilton, Andy WR
Hamilton, Derrick WR
Hamilton, Lawrence WR
Hamilton, Justin CB/S
Hamilton, Bobby DE
Hamilton, Keith DT
Hamilton, Remy K
Hamilton, Lynell RB
Hamilton, Marcus CB
Hamlin, Ken CB/S
Hamlin, Lamar DE
Hamlin, Mike S
Hammack, Mal RB
Hammond, Bob RB
Hammond, Gary RB
Hammond, Kim QB
Hampton, Dave RB
Hampton, Lorenzo RB
Hampton, Rodney RB
Hampton, William CB
Hancock, Anthony WR
Hancock, Mike TE
Hand, Norman DT
Hankton, Cortez WR
Hankton, Karl WR
Hannah, Travis WR
Hannah, Nick LB
Hannah, Rodney TE
Hannam, Ryan TE
Hannon, Chris WR
Hanoian, Greg RB
Hanratty, Terry QB
Hanson, Joselio CB/S
Hanson, Chris P
Hanspard, Byron RB
Hape, Patrick TE
Harbaugh, Jim QB
Hardeman, Buddy RB
Hardeman, Don RB
Harden, Michael CB/S
Harder, Pat RB
Hardie, Rudolph DE
Hardy, Andre RB
Hardy, Bruce TE
Hardy, Charlie WR
Hardy, Jim QB
Hardy, Larry TE
Hardy, Terry TE
Hardy, Kevin LB
Hardy, Jermaine CB/S
Hare, Brian WR
Hargain, Tony WR
Hargett, Edd QB
Hargrave, James LB
Hargrove, Marvin WR
Harkey, Steve RB
Harline, Jonny TE
Harline, Jonny TE
Harmon, Clarence RB
Harmon, Derrick RB
Harmon, Ronnie RB
Harmon, Jason CB/S
Harper, Alvin WR
Harper, Bruce RB
Harper, Darrell RB
Harper, Jack RB
Harper, Michael WR
Harper, Roland RB
Harper, Nick CB/S
Harper, Deveron CB
Harper, Justin WR
Harper, Rod WR
Harraway, Charlie RB
Harrell, Reggie WR
Harrell, Willard RB
Harrell, Chris CB/S
Harrell, Justin DT
Harrington, Joey QB
Harrington, Perry RB
Harrington, Chris LB
Harriott, Claude DE
Harris, Arlen RB
Harris, Atnaf WR
Harris, Billy RB
Harris, Darryl RB
Harris, Derrick RB
Harris, Duriel WR
Harris, Franco RB
Harris, Herbert WR
Harris, Ike WR
Harris, Jackie TE
Harris, James QB
Harris, Joey RB
Harris, Josh QB
Harris, Kay-Jay RB
Harris, Leonard WR
Harris, Leroy RB
Harris, M.L. TE
Harris, Mark WR
Harris, Raymont RB
Harris, Ronnie WR
Harris, William TE
Harris, A.J. RB
Harris, Steven WR
Harris, Tommie DT
Harris, Al CB
Harris, Napoleon LB
Harris, Orien DT
Harris, Marques LB
Harris, Walt CB
Harris, Nick P
Harris, Corey SS
Harris, Antwan CB
Harris, Quentin CB/S
Harris, Tuff CB/S
Harris, Antoine CB
Harris, Nate LB
Harris, David LB
Harris, Gilbert RB
Harris, Steven DT
Harris, Nic LB
Harris, Cary CB
Harris, Ra'Shon DT
Harris, Kenneth WR
Harris, Macho FS
Harris, Tuff CB/S
Harris, Clark TE
Harrison, Glynn RB
Harrison, Jim RB
Harrison, Kenny WR
Harrison, Marvin WR
Harrison, Reggie RB
Harrison, Rodney SS
Harrison, Tyreo LB
Harrison, Kevin LB
Harrison, Brandon CB/S
Harrison, Marcus DT
Harrison, Brandon CB
Harry, Emile WR
Hart, Harold RB
Hart, Jim QB
Hart, Lawrence TE
Hart, Leo QB
Hart, Leon WR
Hart, Pete RB
Hart, Clinton CB/S
Hart, Mike RB
Hart, Larry DE
Hartley, Frank WR
Harts, Shaunard CB/S
Hartwell, Edgerton LB
Harvey, John RB
Hass, Mike WR
Hasselbeck, Don TE
Hasselbeck, Tim QB
Hastings, Andre WR
Hatchette, Matthew WR
Havner, Spencer LB
Havrilak, Sam RB
Haw, Brandon CB
Hawk, A.J. OLB
Hawkins, Alex RB
Hawkins, Ben WR
Hawkins, Courtney WR
Hawkins, Frank RB
Hawkins, Nate WR
Hawkins, Brent LB
Hawkins, Artrell FS
Hawkins, Mike CB/S
Hawthorne, Greg RB
Hawthorne, Anttaj DT
Hawthorne, Michael FS
Hawthorne, C.J. WR
Hayden, Aaron RB
Hayden, Leo RB
Hayden, Kelvin CB/S
Hayden, Nick DT
Hayden, Nick DT
Haye, Jovan DT
Hayes, Bob WR
Hayes, Donald WR
Hayes, Jarius WR
Hayes, Jonathan TE
Hayes, Luther WR
Hayes, Mercury WR
Hayes, Ray RB
Hayes, Wendell RB
Hayes, Windrell WR
Hayes, Gerald MLB
Hayes, William DE
Hayes, William DE
Hayman, Gary RB
Haynes, Abner RB
Haynes, Alex RB
Haynes, Michael WR
Haynes, Reggie TE
Haynes, Verron RB
Haynes, Michael DE
Haynos, Joey TE
Hayward, Reggie DE
Heard, Herman RB
Heard, Ronnie S
Hearst, Garrison RB
Heater, Larry RB
Hebert, Bobby QB
Hebert, Kyries CB
Hebron, Vaughn RB
Heckard, Steve WR
Hector, Johnny RB
Hedberg, Randy QB
Hedgecock, Madison RB
Heeter, Gene TE
Hefney, Jonathan CB
Heiden, Steve TE
Heinrich, Don QB
Heinrich, Keith TE
Heller, Ron TE
Henderson, John WR
Henderson, Jon WR
Henderson, Keith RB
Henderson, William RB
Henderson, Eric LB
Henderson, John DT
Henderson, Jamie S
Henderson, Taurean RB
Henderson, Robert DE
Henderson, Robert DE
Hendricks, Tommy LB
Hendricks, Carlos CB
Hendrickson, Steve RB
Henley, Carey RB
Henley, June RB
Hennigan, Charley WR
Henning, Dan QB
Henry, Bernard WR
Henry, Chris WR
Henry, Leonard RB
Henry, Travis RB
Henry, Wally WR
Henry, Anthony CB
Henry, Chris RB
Henry, Marcus WR
Henry, Marcus WR
Henson, Champ RB
Henson, Drew QB
Henson, Robert LB
Hentrich, Craig P
Hernandez, Joe WR
Herndon, Kelly CB/S
Herock, Ken TE
Herring, George QB
Herring, Kim S
Herring, Chris DT
Herrmann, Don WR
Herrmann, Mark QB
Herron, Mack RB
Herron, Noah RB
Herron, David LB
Herzing, Adam WR
Hester, Jessie WR
Hester, Jim TE
Hester, Devin WR
Hester, Devin CB/S
Hetherington, Chris RB
Heygood, Anthony LB
Heyward, Craig RB
Hickey, Bo RB
Hickman, Kevin WR
Hickman, Larry RB
Hickman, Justin DE
Hicks, Maurice RB
Hicks, Skip RB
Hicks, Victor TE
Hicks, Eric DE
Hicks, Lamarcus CB/S
Hicks, Jordan DE
Hicks, David LB
Higgins, Johnnie Lee WR
Higgs, Mark RB
Highsmith, Alonzo RB
Highsmith, Don RB
Highsmith, Ali OLB
Hilger, Rusty QB
Hill, Bruce WR
Hill, Calvin RB
Hill, David TE
Hill, Darrell WR
Hill, Derek WR
Hill, Drew WR
Hill, Eddie RB
Hill, Fred TE
Hill, Greg RB
Hill, Harlon WR
Hill, Ike WR
Hill, J.D. WR
Hill, Jerry RB
Hill, King QB
Hill, Lonzell WR
Hill, Mack Lee RB
Hill, Randall WR
Hill, Stan QB
Hill, Tony WR
Hill, Renaldo FS
Hill, Marquise DE
Hill, Tye CB
Hill, Reynaldo CB
Hill, Quadtrine RB
Hill, Efrem WR
Hill, P.J. RB
Hillary, Ira WR
Hillenmeyer, Hunter OLB
Hilliard, Dalton RB
Hilliard, Ike WR
Hilliard, Lex RB
Hilliard, Lex RB
Hilton, Carl TE
Hilton, John TE
Hilton, Zach TE
Hines, Jimmy WR
Hinkel, Ed WR
Hinton, Eddie WR
Hinton, Marcus WR
Hipp, I.M. RB
Hipple, Eric QB
Hirsch, Elroy WR
Hoag, Ryan WR
Hoak, Dick RB
Hoard, Leroy RB
Hobbs, Daryl WR
Hobbs, Stephen WR
Hobbs, Ellis CB
Hobbs, Kevin CB
Hobbs, Kevin CB
Hobert, Billy Joe QB
Hobson, Victor OLB
Hodel, Nathan TE
Hodge, Damon WR
Hodge, Floyd WR
Hodge, Abdul LB
Hodge, Alphonso CB
Hodge, Sedrick LB
Hodge, Stephen LB
Hodges, Cody QB
Hodgins, James RB
Hodgins, James RB
Hodson, Tom QB
Hoerner, Dick RB
Hoernschemeyer, Bob RB
Hofer, Paul RB
Hoffman, Dalton RB
Hoffman, John RB
Hoffman, Andrew DT
Hogan, Mike RB
Hoge, Merril RB
Hogeboom, Gary QB
Hoisington, Al WR
Holcomb, Kelly QB
Holcombe, Robert RB
Holden, Steve WR
Holdman, Warrick LB
Holiday, Carlyle WR
Holland, Jamie WR
Holland, John WR
Holland, Darius DT
Holland, Jonathan WR
Hollas, Donald QB
Holley, Jesse WR
Holley, Jesse WR
Holliday, Ron WR
Hollings, Tony RB
Hollings, Tony RB
Holloway, Jabari TE
Holloway, David LB
Hollowell, T.J. LB
Holly, Bob QB
Holly, Daven CB
Holman, Rodney TE
Holman, Rashad CB
Holmes, Alex TE
Holmes, Chris TE
Holmes, Darick RB
Holmes, Don WR
Holmes, Jack RB
Holmes, Mike WR
Holmes, Priest RB
Holmes, Robert RB
Holmes, Earl LB
Holmes, Kenny DE
Holmes, Louis DE
Holmes, Lendy S
Holohan, Pete TE
Holsey, Bernard DE
Holston, Mike WR
Holt, Harry TE
Holt, Torry WR
Holt, Glenn WR
Holt, Terrence CB/S
Holt, James LB
Homan, Dennis WR
Hood, Roderick CB/S
Hooker, Fair WR
Hooks, Jim RB
Hooks, Roland RB
Hoomanawanui, Michael TE
Hooper, Trevor CB/S
Hoover, Brad RB
Hoover, Melvin WR
Hopkins, Andy RB
Hopkins, Roy RB
Hopoi, Manase DT
Horn, Chris WR
Horn, Don QB
Horn, Joe WR
Horn, Chris WR
Horne, Tony WR
Horner, Sam RB
Hornung, Paul RB
Horrocks, Theo DT
Horton, Ethan TE
Horton, Jason CB/S
Horton, Chris FS
Hosack, Aaron WR
Hostetler, Jeff QB
House, Kevin WR
House, Kevin CB/S
Houser, Kevin RB
Houser, Kevin RB
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR
Houston, Bill WR
Houston, Cedric RB
Houston, Rich WR
Hovan, Chris DT
Howard, Bobby RB
Howard, Chris RB
Howard, Desmond WR
Howard, Ron TE
Howard, William RB
Howard, Reggie CB/S
Howard, Darren DE
Howard, Bobby LB
Howard, Brian DT
Howard, Marcus DE
Howell, Steve RB
Howell, John S
Howell, Dan LB
Howry, Keenan WR
Howry, Keenan WR
Howton, Billy WR
Hoying, Bobby QB
Hoyte, Oliver RB
Hoyte, Brandon LB
Huard, Brock QB
Huard, Damon QB
Huarte, John QB
Hubbard, Marv RB
Hubbard, Paul WR
Hubbert, Brad RB
Huckeba, Jeb DE
Huckleby, Harlan RB
Hudson, Bob RB
Hudson, Gordon TE
Hudson, Ray RB
Hudson, Marcus CB/S
Huff, Gary QB
Huff, Orlando LB
Hufnagel, John QB
Huggins, Johnny TE
Huggins, Kareem RB
Hughes, Chuck WR
Hughes, Danan WR
Hughes, David RB
Hughes, Dennis TE
Hughes, Tyrone RB
Hughes, Connor K
Hughes, Daymeion CB
Hughes, Dante CB
Hughes, Brandon CB
Hughley, George RB
Hull, Mike RB
Humber, Ramon LB
Humes, Cedric RB
Humm, David QB
Humpal, Mike OLB
Humphrey, Bobby RB
Humphrey, Buddy QB
Humphrey, Ronald RB
Humphrey, Talib RB
Humphrey, Tory TE
Humphries, Stan QB
Hundon, James WR
Hunsinger, Chuck RB
Hunt, Cletidus DT
Hunt, Jack CB/S
Hunt, Tony RB
Hunter, Al RB
Hunter, Billy WR
Hunter, Brice WR
Hunter, Earnest RB
Hunter, Herman RB
Hunter, IvyJoe RB
Hunter, Javin WR
Hunter, Scott QB
Hunter, Tony TE
Hunter, Will CB/S
Hunter, Pete CB/S
Hunter, Wendell LB
Hunter, Darrell CB
Huntley, Richard RB
Huntley, Kevin DE
Huston, Josh K
Hutchins, Von CB/S
Hutchinson, Chad QB
Hutchinson, Tom WR
Hutson, Don WR
Hyatt, Fred WR
Hymes, Randy WR
Hymes, Randy WR
Hypolite, George DT

Haden, Joe CB
Hagan, Derek WR
Hagg, Eric CB
Haggan, Mario LB
Haggans, Clark OLB
Hakim, Saalim WR
Hali, Tamba DE
Hall, Ahmard RB
Hall, DeAngelo CB
Hall, James DE
Hall, Korey RB
Hall, Roy WR
Hall, Bruce RB
Hall, Chad WR
Hall, Bryan DT
Hamilton, Adrian LB
Hamler, Jamel WR
Hampton, Casey NT
Hanie, Caleb QB
Hankerson, Leonard WR
Hanna, James TE
Hansen, Tyler QB
Hanson, Jason K
Haralson, Parys LB
Harbor, Clay TE
Hardesty, Montario RB
Hardin, Brandon FS
Hardison, Matt DT
Hardy, James WR
Hardy, Greg DE
Hardy, Daniel TE
Hardy, Daniel TE
Hardy, Kevin WR
Hardy, Andre TE
Hargrove, Anthony DE
Harnish, Chandler QB
Harper, Roman SS
Harper, Jamie RB
Harrell, Graham QB
Harrell, Logan DE
Harris, Chris CB/S
Harris, Dwayne WR
Harris, DuJuan RB
Harris, Chris CB
Harris, Brandon CB
Harris, Jerrell LB
Harrison, Jerome RB
Harrison, Arnold LB
Harrison, James LB
Harrison, Damon DT
Harrison, Brandon CB
Hartley, Garrett K
Hartline, Brian WR
Hartline, Mike QB
Hartline, Mike QB
Hartman, Tysyn CB
Hartmann, Brett P
Hartsock, Ben TE
Harvey, Derrick DE
Harvey, Brandyn WR
Harvin, Percy WR
Hasselbeck, Matt QB
Hastings, Joe WR
Hatcher, Jason DE
Hauschka, Steven K
Havili, Stanley RB
Hawkins, Lavelle WR
Hawkins, Andrew WR
Hawkins, Chris CB
Hawthorne, David LB
Hayes, Geno OLB
Hayes, Michael RB
Haynesworth, Albert DT
Hayward, Adam LB
Heap, Todd TE
Heard, Kellen DT
Heckendorf, Kole WR
Hekker, Johnny P
Helfet, Cooper TE
Heller, Will TE
Helu, Roy RB
Hemingway, Junior WR
Henderson, Devery WR
Henderson, E.J. OLB
Henderson, Erin OLB
Hendricks, Dwayne DT
Henery, Alex K
Henigan, Elliott DT
Henne, Chad QB
Henry, Chas P
Henry, Aaron CB
Herman, Brad TE
Hernandez, Aaron TE
Hernandez, Brian WR
Herring, Will LB
Herron, Dan RB
Herzlich, Mark LB
Hester, Jacob RB
Heyman, Dexter LB
Heyward, Cameron DE
Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR
Hicks, Akiem DT
Higgins, Mike TE
Hightower, Tim RB
Hill, Shaun QB
Hill, Leroy OLB
Hill, Jason WR
Hill, Darius TE
Hill, Sammie Lee DT
Hill, Anthony TE
Hill, Cris CB
Hillis, Peyton RB
Hillman, Ronnie RB
Hilton, Justin WR
Hines, Jermale CB
Hixon, Domenik WR
Hixson, Nick CB
Hobbs, Arthur CB
Hodges, Reggie P
Hoffman-Ellis, Alex LB
Hogan, Brandon CB
Hogan, Chris WR
Hogue, Doug LB
Hoke, Chris NT
Holland, Devin CB
Holland, Joe LB
Holliday, Vonnie DT
Holliday, Trindon WR
Holmes, Santonio WR
Holmes, Andre WR
Holt, D.J. LB
Homan, Ross LB
Homan, Ross LB
Hood, Ziggy DE
Hope, Chris SS
Hopkins, Chris TE
Horne, Jeremy WR
House, Davon CB
Housler, Rob TE
Houston, Chris CB
Houston, Lamarr DE
Houston, Justin OLB
Howard, Thomas OLB
Howard, Jaye DT
Hoyer, Brian QB
Hrapmann, Danny K
Huber, Kevin P
Huff, Michael SS
Huggins, Felton WR
Hughes, Nate WR
Hughes, Jerry DE
Hughes, John DT
Hughes, Trenton CB
Hull, Josh LB
Hunt, Phillip DE
Hunter, Jason DE
Hunter, Jeremiha LB
Hunter, Kendall RB
Hunter, Grant LB
Hunter, David NT
Hurd, Sam WR
Hynoski, Henry RB
Hynoski, Henry RB