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MLB Mailbag :: Volume 4
by Adam Hathaway
Published: April 3, 2008, 7:14 pm

 Welcome, my loving readers, to Volume 4 of FPM Mailbag. Not too many emails this week, but that is alright. I have decided to fill in with a little about the way I spent the 3 opening days. Let me just tell you, baseball needs to get their stuff together and condense this down. Why have the Red Sox/A's start 1 week early, then the Braves/Nationals on Sunday, then everyone else on Monday? Seriously MLB, did you hire your PR guys from the NHL? OK that is my last dig at my beloved sport of hockey. So without further ado, let the games begin.

Game 1 Red Sox vs A's

You wouldn't believe my luck! My wife has a pinched nerve in her back the same day that the Red Sox opened the MLB season against the A's. At 5:30am I woke up, turned on the pregame, and started my work day at the same time. Gotta love the telecommute.

Game time 6:10am! What a great time to open the season. All of those A's fans on the west coast that wanted to see their teams opening game had a nice wakeup of 3:00am! Onto the game… Dice-K looked terrible, ok maybe not terrible, but not very good. He was driving me crazy all day long. His command was non-existent, and it looked like he had a hard time getting those outs. At least Manny came through for us to start a year that will eventually prove to be an MVP type season for him. In the 10th inning Manny doubled in what would later be the winning runs. Of course Manny thought that the ball was gone so he was “admiring” his work when he realized it bounced off the wall. Great game to start the season.

Game 2 Atlanta vs Washington

This game was set up mostly to show of the newest ballpark in our nation's capital. It is a nice looking field but unfortunately for the fans the players taking the field are not a very nice looking team. Some highlights of the game included me throwing stuff at the TV because my newest member to my dynasty team (Lastings Milledge) decided to pull an 0-fer and me passing out on the couch somewhere around the 5th inning.

Game 3 The Rest of the Bunch

KC and TB win. 2 games are postponed, which prompts this conversation:

1:03 PM friend: u ready!~ I am reading about the Giants right now, they could literally get shutout in 50 games this year LOL
1:04 PM me: Lol, I dont doubt it. I watched Atlanta and Washington last night
1:05 PM me: Then I passed out around 9:30
1:06 PM friend: Yeah me too then got pissed cordero didnt get in!
1:07 PM me: I was pissed that Milledge went ofer
1:09 PM friend: here we go KC and detroit top of the 1st
1:40 PM friend: yanks and jays already have a rain delay
1:40 PM me: I saw that
1:40 PM friend: i think they start and end the baseball season 2 weeks too early and late.
1:40 PM me: They would be better off taking away 10 games and starting 1 week later and ending 1 week earlier
1:41 PM friend: as much as I love it. it is too cold and wet on both ends. like last year in cleveland remember all the snowouts?
1:41 PM me: I totally agree
1:41 PM me: Yeah that was crazy. Wasnt it like 5 games in a row that were snowed out
1:42 PM friend: yeah then they had to struggle to get them in, i think they actually played some of the somewhere else.... like NY and toronto, should be in toronto in the dome this time of year. balt and tampa should be IN TAMPA. det KC in KC?? It is stupid
1:43 PM friend even arizona is at Cincy, why not play in Arizona? doesnt make sense
1:43 PM me: I know all the teams north of the Mason Dixon that dont have domes should be playing games in the south
1:44 PM friend:  Yeah it isnt that hard to figure out they are stupid
1:44 PM me: I say the same thing every year

And that my friends I do. I say the same thing year in and year out. Overall a real good opening day.

Now onto your questions:

 Questions of the Week

"Adam, What player were you most surprised was sent down to the minors?" - Jeff, Springfield, MO

Good question Jeff. There were actually 2 players that I was surprised were send down. Evan Longoria is head and shoulders better than Willy Aybar, but I guess Tampa does not want to have to pay him more money. The other player is Josh Fields. I understand that you are paying Joe Crede $5mil a year but Fields is better!!! Why do they have to mess with the young guys?


"A-bombz, Thanks to your article my girlfriend is now making me watch chick flicks one day a week.  Why do you want to torture me and what shall I do?" - Ryan, Goobertown, AR

Alright Ryan I had to look it up because I did not believe you. I could not find anything about Goobertown but I did find that it is not a made up town.  So is Goobertown filled with a bunch of goobers?  Alright that is all I have for jokes today I don't want anyone throwing out a rib. Ryan sorry to say it but you are going to have to suck it up. When you are spending 3 or more hours drafting your fantasy teams do you want someone nagging you constantly? Instead of fighting it embrace it. Here are some chick flicks that you can recommend:

The English Patient
Desperately Seeking Susan
The Truth About Cats & Dogs
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
The Hours

Personally, all those flicks makes me want to go out and get me a case of Retinitis Pigmentosa but hey it's what we have to do.


That's all I have time for this week guys but get your questions into me for next weeks edition of FPM Mailbag.

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