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Mick's Picks :: Week 16
by Scott Mickels
Published: December 22, 2010, 8:42 pm

Make sure to check here every week! Each week, I'll suggest three players that are likely on your league's waiver wire that could provide a spark to your fantasy team. Of course, if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, please send them to me at

Now, for this week's Mick's Picks...

 Mick's Picks - Week 16

Jordan Shipley, WR, CIN (vs. SD)

FPM Spin: Shipley hasn't gained over 30 yards in three weeks.  However, Terrell Owens is done for the year and Chad Johnson is nursing a sore ankle.  That means Shipley will start as the Bengals' #2 receiver and could possibly see more targets than normal.  Plus, the Bengals will likely be playing from behind and forced to throw often.  All of those things work in Shipley's favor.  That said he's not someone you'd even think about if you're in your league's playoffs this week.  Not to mention, the Chargers are 2nd in the league against the pass.  He's best left to those of you who have nothing to lose and are just playing for pride

Season Stats - 49 receptions, 583 yards, 2 TD

Derrick Ward, RB, HOU (@ DEN)

FPM Spin: With Arian Foster sitting out the last 10 minutes of the game last week, Ward came in and got a total of 7 touches for 26 yards.  In his defense, the Texans were essentially passing on every down by the time Ward came in, so it wasn't really a good gauge of what he can do in this offense.  The word out of Houston, depending on your source, is that Foster is dealing with an ankle injury, a buttocks injury, a hip injury or some combination of the three.  According to Foster, he says he's fine and good to go, but he remains listed as questionable going into Week 16.  Considering the Texans really have no other legit options at running back, Ward is absolutely worth stashing if you're relying on Foster the rest of the way, especially if you're in your league's playoffs.    Plus, the Texans head to the Mile High City to face the Broncos' 31st-ranked rush defense this week.:

Season Stats - 45 carries, 249 yards, 3 TD

Joe Webb, QB, MIN (@ PHI)

FPM Spin: Webb didn't have a good game last week, but considering the conditions, I wouldn't call it a complete disaster.  He showed some good athleticism and elusiveness, but it was still painfully obvious he's a rookie.  Obviously, he's not someone you'd even consider unless you're in a really deep league that starts two quarterbacks and are just playing for pride.  However, if your season is lost and you're just looking to throw some players at the wall to see what sticks, Webb is worth rolling the dice on this week.  He'll have a full week to work with the first team, so he should have better chemistry with his receivers than he showed last week against Chicago.  Think of this like in fantasy baseball at the end of the year, once your team is out of playoff contention, you're a lot more prone to take a chance on rookies and other players you wouldn't normally.  Well, here you go.

Season Stats - 137 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT

 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for reading this season!  I've really enjoyed writing the Mick's Picks articles for the sixth straight season.  I'd also like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Congrats to those of you that won your fantasy league last week, good luck to those of you playing in your league's finals this week and good luck those of you that start your league's playoffs this week! 

 Keep an eye out for my 2011 MLB Sleepers once we get closer to Spring Training.  That will be followed by my Mick's Picks baseball edition articles.  Plus, things should slow down a bit on the home front, so I'll be doing my best to bring back the podcasts no later than early this summer, so you can also look forward to that.  It's been a great season and a great year!  Happy Holidays!  I'll talk to you next year!


 Scott Mickels, FPM Staff Writer/Editor, Member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association

Support FPM! You can send your questions and comments to Scott at


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