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Listen to the FPM Fantasy Football Podcast featuring Scott Mickels. Fantasy football talk, commentary and more with a new episode every Saturday...just in time for gameday.
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 Fantasy Football Rankings
Player FPT
1 . A. Rodgers, GB397.18 
2 . D. Brees, NO389.64 
3 . T. Brady, NE370.3 
4 . C. Newton, CAR369.64 
5 . M. Stafford, DET341.32 
All QB Rankings
Player FPT
1 . R. Rice, BAL300.84 
2 . L. McCoy, PHI282.4 
3 . M. Jones-Drew, JAC264 
4 . A. Foster, HOU256.1 
5 . M. Lynch, SEA219.6 
All RB Rankings
Player FPT
1 . C. Johnson, DET265.2 
2 . J. Nelson, GB216.3 
3 . W. Welker, NE213.9 
4 . V. Cruz, NYG207.9 
5 . L. Fitzgerald, ARI189.1 
All WR Rankings
Player FPT
1 . R. Gronkowski, NE240.9 
2 . J. Graham, NO197 
3 . A. Hernandez, NE137.5 
4 . T. Gonzalez, ATL129.5 
5 . J. Finley, GB124.7 
All TE Rankings
Player FPT
1 . Lions203 
2 . Bears194 
3 . Ravens185 
4 . 49ers179 
5 . Eagles175 
All Team DEF Rankings
Player FPT
1 . D. Jackson, CLE148.5 
2 . L. Fletcher, WAS147.5 
3 . J. Laurinaitis, STL133.5 
4 . C. Lofton, ATL132 
5 . N. Bowman, SF129.5 
All IDP Rankings
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