Compare fantasy baseball stats to see which player will help your fantasy team the most. Intellistats is still a work in-progress, but give it a whirl.

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 2013 Fantasy Baseball Scoring Leaders
Player FPT
1. Jonathan LuCroy, MIL417 
2. Buster Posey, SF407 
3. Salvador Perez, KC299 
4. Brian McCann, NYY288 
5. Devin Mesoraco, CIN279 
All C Rankings
Player FPT
1. Albert Pujols, LAA476 
2. Miguel Cabrera, DET475 
3. Jose Abreu, CHW436 
4. Adrian Gonzalez, LAD430 
5. Edwin Encarnacion, TOR418 
All 1B Rankings
Player FPT
1. Jose Altuve, HOU538 
2. Ian Kinsler, DET459 
3. Robinson Cano, SEA442 
4. Brian Dozier, MIN434 
5. Dee Gordon, LAD408 
All 2B Rankings
Player FPT
1. Anthony Rendon, WAS472 
2. Josh Donaldson, OAK430 
3. Adrian Beltre, TEX411 
4. Todd Frazier, CIN395 
5. Kyle Seager, SEA383 
All 3B Rankings
Player FPT
1. Jose Reyes, TOR413 
2. Alexei Ramirez, CHW395 
3. Erick Aybar, LAA374 
4. Jimmy Rollins, PHI365 
5. Alcides Escobar, KC344 
All SS Rankings
Player FPT
1. Michael Brantley, CLE542 
2. Jose Bautista, TOR514 
3. Mike Trout, LAA495 
4. Andrew McCutchen, PIT474 
5. Giancarlo Stanton, MIA443 
All OF Rankings
Player FPT
1. Victor Martinez, DET541 
2. Nelson Cruz, BAL440 
3. David Ortiz, BOS411 
4. Chris V. Carter, HOU289 
5. Billy Butler, KC276 
All DH Rankings
Player FPT
1. Johnny Cueto, CIN685.2 
2. Corey Kluber, CLE684.2 
3. David Price, DET669.1 
4. Max Scherzer, DET652.1 
5. Clayton Kershaw, LAD647.1 
All SP Rankings
Player FPT
1. Fernando Rodney, SEA632.1 
2. Francisco Rodriguez, MIL631 
3. Trevor Rosenthal, STL627.1 
4. Craig Kimbrel, ATL626.2 
5. Kenley Jansen, LAD626.1 
All RP Rankings
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