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When "doing the right thing" gets you an un-lubed
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When "doing the right thing" gets you an un-lubed
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by Adam Hathaway
Published: February 27, 2008, 1:54 pm

This offseason may mark what proves to be the dismantling of the empire that many have come to hate, the New England Patriots.  Let me just run through a few of the losses, scandals, and issues with this team.

  1. Randy Moss was not franchised which means that anyone can make him an offer.
  2. Asante Samuel will more than likely be wearing a different uniform next year as he is going to be commanding top dollar.
  3. Tedi Bruschi and Junior Seau may retire.
  4. Rosevelt Colvin was cut by the team.
  5. Randall Gay and Eugene Wilson are both free agents and we know Wilson will not be back and Gay may follow.
  6. Donte Stallworth was not resigned and therefore will not likely be a Patriot next season.
  7. Kelley Washington, one of the Pats best special teams players was not extended and he may look to be a receiver elsewhere.
  8. Kevin Faulk was cited for marijuana possession in Louisiana.
  9. The Pats lost what would have been the #31st pick in the draft.
  10. Teams usually do not do so well coming off a Super Bowl loss.

The linebackers are depleted, the backfield is decimated, the receivers are questionable, and the psyche may be bruised.  For those of you that said that the penalty was not harsh enough when they lost their first round pick and were fined $500,000 tell me something, doesn’t this team look like a team that could really use that second first round pick this year?  This could be bad times for the Patriots, or it could be a time for them to show that they have what it takes to continue on as the best dynasty ever in the NFL.

Now some of you just choked, I know, I know, Spygate blah blah blah.  I have already gone on the record to say that I feel that the Pats are not the only team to steal signals in an illegal way; they were just too cocky and were caught.  That is still no excuse for *breaking the rules.  Now let me go on the record here again.  If it is found that the Pats did tape the Rams walkthrough prior to the SB I feel that Belichick should be suspended for an entire season, fired by the Patriots, and have that game wiped from his record.  With that being said there are a few things that need to happen to convince me.  First Walsh needs to prove that he has something.  Next he has to prove that he received that something while employed by the Patriots.  Third if he does have the Rams walkthrough taped, he needs to have proof that he recorded it and was asked by either Pioli or Belichick to tape it.  This shouldn’t be hard since Walsh was fired for questionable character when he was caught recording conversations. One last thing, the Patriots players should not lose their rings.  If the walkthrough was taped I feel all the blame needs to be placed on the coach and coaching staff.

As it stands now I still think Belichick is a genius.  I don’t think that the taping of signals was as big a deal as people made it out to be and you need to look no further than the lack of an uprising from coaches and player around the league.  I feel that signal stealing happens every game.  I also feel that Pioli is just as much a genius, if not more so, than Belichick and this team can still compete even without Belichick.

Next year may be the year many of you have been waiting for, the year that the empire ceases to exist.  It could also add to the pain and torture you have had to endure since the first Super Bowl win against the Rams.  I will be watching this team very closely as will the nation and hopefully after this offseason we can all move on and get back to what we all love, the game.

*denotes cheating can be substituted if you wish

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