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When "doing the right thing" gets you an un-lubed
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When "doing the right thing" gets you an un-lubed
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3 Up, 3 Down :: 8/26/08
by Tenacious D-Store
Published: August 26, 2008, 10:19 pm

3 Up

Jensen Lewis (RP - CLE)
Six straight consecutive saves and counting for Jensen Lewis who would appear to be the Cleveland Indians new closer although Mike Hargrove refuses to say so definitively. After a string of unsuccessful ninth inning go to men such as Joe Borowski, Rafael Betancourt, and Masahide Kobayashi all with ERA's well over 4.00, Lewis finally gives us a Cleveland closer with some relevance in fantasy leagues. He is still owned in less than half of 12 team leagues. He should be picked up immediately for a handful of extra saves without the bloated ERA down the stretch.

Chris Dickerson (OF - STL)
Chris Dickerson has taken over as the Reds lead off man and permanent filler in the outfield (although he seems to be bouncing between center field and left field). With a great mix of power and speed Dickerson reminds me of former Reds lead off man Corey Patterson with one glaring difference; Dickerson can actually hit the ball. Dickerson is maintaining a solid batting average of about .320, however it is unrealistic not to expect it to dip a few points as he will hit the odd slump here and there. Consider Dickerson a nice sleeper in mixed roto leagues, and an absolute steal if you managed to procure him in an NL only league of league of 14 teams or more.

Denard Span (OF - MIN)
Denard Span is still virtually an unknown name outside of the North Star State. Yet he has been a regular part of the Twins line up, and a difference maker since game one. Span isn't much of a slugger, but he has powered out three long balls. Span has made a bigger impact with his speed, legging out 12 doubles and five triples as well as swiping 11 bases. Even better, is the fact that he has maintained a BA above .300 in just over 200 at bats. Those who found Denard Span in AL only leagues may have found a difference maker down the stretch, but Span is an asset in any league right now, especially roto leagues. It's time more people began paying attention to him.

3 Down

Justin Duchscherer (SP, RP - OAK)
It was fun while it lasted. For those who read my Field of Streams column, you may remember previous warnings about Justin Duchscherer innings count and work load so far this season. Duchscherer has already tripled his previous seasons average for innings pitched and everyone should have known the burn out was coming. He has been brilliant this season there is no question there, but he is tiring more quickly and know last seasons hip injury has flared up once again leaving him on the 15 day DL. My best advice is to trade Duchscherer for whatever you can get once he is off the disabled list. You are only in for more frustration down the road if you choose to cling to him.

Kevin Millwood (SP - TEX)
Wow, a six hit complete game from Kevin Millwood. Well I'm impressed aren't you? (note: Tenacious D-Store is using sarcasm). Personally, I'm impressed by the fact that he allowed less than 10 hits in a game for a change. He managed that in only five innings in three straight starts before this one. Don't be fooled by the fact that some fantasy sports sites with writers who are clearly less intelligent than you or I, or a retarded guppy for that matter, are listing Millwood as hot. Kevin Millwood may be coming off what could be a career best outing for him, pitching a complete game against the Detroit Tigers allowing only one run on six hits. However, most of his other starts this season have been horrendous, and he still has a 5.28 ERA in his last three starts including one that only lasted 1.2 innings. Millwood cannot be relied on for fantasy use and it is unrealistic to expect a repeat of his last outing.

Fernando Tatis (1B, 3B, OF - NYM)
After all the game winning hits, and being a bigger part of helping the Mets maintain their National League East lead than anyone else would like to admit, Fernando Tatis has been pushed aside to re-welcome Ryan Church to the line up. It may not be fair that Tatis would lose his spot to someone who has spent five years under-performing, but Jerry Manuel appears to be firm in his decision. Look for Tatis to be demoted back to AAA soon. The Mets will want him to stay on top of his game rather than rot on the bench.

Not So Fast

George Sherrill (RP - BAL)
What's going on here? George Sherrill is not seriously hurt and has done a great job racking up 31 saves this season on a hopeless Orioles team. You can't just toss him a side. Jim Johnson certainly isn't going to press Sherrill for the job, he is as temporary as they come, and those who are banking on Chris Ray to some how come skipping back from Tommy John Surgery and be even half as effective as Sherrill was is out of their minds. Sherrill is and will be the closer for the rest of the season. Go pick him up if someone else was foolish enough to throw him away.

Shaun Marcum (SP - TOR)
Shaun Marcum is simply in AAA at the moment to work out the rust after a DL stint. Believe me with a rotation currently consisting of John Parrish and David Purcey the Jays don't want him down there any more than his fantasy owners do. The Toronto Blue Jays always seem to turn on their game at right about the same time it becomes nearly impossible for them to clinch the playoffs. It's always to little too late but with the increased offense we see from them around this time of year, Jays pitchers will have increased value from here on out. Hang on to Marcum.

Tenacious D-Store's Big Ol' Male Sack

The male sack is back. This week we'll hear from a Ray's fan and a complete moron. Lets start with the Rays fan.

Hey, D-store. I'm so pissed off at all these Rays haters who still don't believe the Rays can make the play offs. I'm curious to know what an intelligent sports fan like yourself thinks about their chances. - Adam from Milwaukee

Intelligent, eh. Flattery will get you everywhere... (except there buddy... eyes up here). Dude, I'm with you on this one. I've been saying it for at least two years now, that if people didn't start taking the Rays seriously they were going to come out of no where and win a World Series before anyone saw it coming. The Rays have always maintained a great farm system and are one of the youngest and most talented teams in the MLB. I was however very disappointed that they made no moves before the deadline to pick up another outfielder so that they would no longer have to rely on Eric Hinske and Cliff Floyd. Instead they did nothing and were punished by the Karma Gods who sacrificed Carl Crawford. The really need Baldelli to step it up and stay healthy something that is unrealistic since he really hasn't played much baseball since 2004. I'm sorry Adam, I think the Rays will make the playoffs as the Wild Card, losing their AL East lead to the Red Sox, and then fall short of making the finals. Maybe next year.
What the hell is a Rays fan doing in Milwaukee anyway. Is that the band wagon I hear?

Tenacious D-Store
Now that Eddie Guardado has been shipped off to Minnesota, do you think there is any chance Minnesota will make him the closer there or should I just drop him from my teams? -

Yes, that is just what the Twins will do. They will make Eddie G their closer so that they can take Joe Nathan (who is arguably the best closing pitcher in the MLB) and covert him in to a third baseman where they need the most help. Are you for real dude? Not only did you spell Tenacious and Guardado wrong, you spelled Minnesota wrong twice and two different ways (which I corrected for you). Then you ask what is by far the dumbest question this segment has ever seen. You my friend are an idiot . Stop playing fantasy baseball. Seriously don't ever play it again. The others in your league deserve more of a challenge than an imbecile like you. Although you left your name and city, I have decided that you probably get beaten up enough as it is, and chose to make you anonymous.

Keep the questions and comments coming. You can contact me by e-mail at

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